Introducing the MX series


Sub-zero air temperatures. Fuel soaked winds. Crisp unspoilt waterbodies. Jagged rock. Soley the Sky. Describing exactly ‘what’ and ‘where’ our MX series shorts were heading, was only the beginning of our journey into developing what has been more likened to the designing of a great canopy than a pair of ‘skydiving shorts’ –  […]

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What’s really on display during a skydive demo

MX Sky series team athlete Avalon Airshow 2017 display parachuting

Rodney Benson has been wowing crowds at airshows around the world for longer than I have been skydiving. Rod’s responsibility as business owner for his customers, as a leader for the safety of his team, and as a performer, represents all of us in the skydiving community. Rod first approached Manufactory Apparel, to ‘design a custom jersey […]

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