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The Dubai Experience with Jamie Webster


Ever thought about working and travelling with skydiving? It’s possible. You could even have a view of The Palm at Skydive Dubai from your office. This is the enviable day-to-day reality for our friend Jamie Webster. A skydiver for eight years, he’s currently working as a Tandem Instructor and Camera Flyer at this iconic skydive […]

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Making a uniform decision

Skydive Virgin Islands

when it comes to your skydiving apparel Does wearing a uniform improve how productive you are in your day? Do you think wearing a uniform has any affect on your mood or your daily routine? How about your decision-making? Have you ever thought about the leadership value of the uniform that you wear? And what […]

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How to get consistent measurements with your measuring tape


Hi, this is Rob from Manufactory Apparel! Today I want to talk about using a measuring tape to get consistent measurements. After close to a decade in Skydiving (and countless jumpsuits), I know just how often you’ll have to take measurements whether for yourself, friends or teammates for new equipment. So, I pulled together a […]

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3 steps to size up your customers

Manufactory Apparel Retail selling Jerseys

Logo, check. Facebook page, check. T-shirts… Stickers? Your brand needs product, and you have 2 options: Use someone elses products and stamp your logo all over it. Create a custom look unique to your brand and customer, managing every detail from stitch color to custom labels.   […]

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APF National Skydiving Championships 2016 recap

APF National Skydiving Championships 2016 Hosting Dropzone: Skydive Nagambie, Aircraft: Pac XL 750, Cessna Caravan, Cessna 182 Team Rotor Out: 4way FS Open Event, Won a Gold medal with an average of 17.6 Team Focus: 4way VFS Open Event, Won a Gold medal and set a new Aussie record for 15 points in time for VFS Team Bellatrix: Womens, 4way FS […]

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