Last week, via newsletter we announced that in response to the mounting demand for the MX series short,  we have restocked with new short options, colorways to select from, and a full-length pant version.

Releasing the MX series one-year ago this month, consumers quickly responded to the credibility and reliability of these performance skydiving shorts.

MX series short new colorways

“We were absolutely elated by the response to our first MX release, working hard to engineer a short that is able to keep up with every kind of skygod out there,” said Robert Delaney, Creative Director of Manufactory Apparel. “As a result, we are releasing a new season of MX, with additional features, colors, and even a full-length pant in response to our customer feedback.”

Robyn flying Team XA3RO and MX shorts
Robyn flying Team XA3RO and MX shorts

With the new season of MX, Manufactory Apparel is upgrading the inside saddle to include Cordura-woven spandex on all future styles – a new protective coating to the inside of the seat reinforcement,  increasing durability by 200%, and two additional colors, green and pink, in response to demand on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

MX series Pant

As for competitive Canopy Pilots and Swoopers, Manufactory Apparel has added a new MX-CP short. Literally seamless in it’s design, the centre stitching through the middle of the seat, (the most common a high-stress area) has been removed entirely, without altering the comfort or fit. While engineering the new, innovative design, the company administered the KISS theory and streamlined the design by removing the hidden back pockets, making it completely gravel-proof.
MX-CP series Swoop shorts

Our goal is always to ensure that construction is as sound as possible in all of our products

MX-CP series Swoop shorts


The MX Series shorts define the term durability with triple-needle stitched, reinforced seams and bartacks on all high stress areas. A Cordura Nylon exterior with an internal breathable mesh liner allows effortless comfort whilst upholding the structural integrity.



Rob Delaney Manufactory Apparel

Robert Delaney is the creative director and co-owner of Manufactory Apparel. His career in fashion and graphic design has spanned more than 15 years, working for industry-leading apparel companies in sports, street and luxury fashion. No stranger to the sky, Rob has worked as a Camera flyer, LO and coach, and has represented Australia as a competitive skydiver in 2016