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It happened again.

Earlier this week I was checking out Instagram over coffee and it happened again It happens so frequently that you could say ‘samething-happened again’. My fingers work so robotically in removing the content that I almost didn’t notice it was there, that was until I saw the same message repeated a second time. A coincidence? Or had my fingers not worked fast enough in deleting this Catfish.

Essentially what it is, is some ‘genius’ graphic designer (turned T-shirt printing entrepreneur) has lured me into their Instagram account with the promise that they know my skydiving friends – share their images – tag #skydiving and then provide a link-in-bio to the history of primates turned humans, then turned skydivers flying a paragliding wing. We are ‘born to fly’ apparently.

Born to Fly. Right into your FEED
Born to Fly. Right into your FEED

Copy, Right?

When I think to myself, who the hell actually buys this rubbish? It is who is manufacturing this wannabe skydiving apparel and the idea that they also designed the print, which intrigues me.

This is because they are going head to head with me on the values I stand for. Values which have shaped our business to create the industry’s premium skydiving jerseys.

It’s easy enough to see why it happens, with 95 million posts per day on social media, who is really going to know right? Especially when you’re seeing incredible shots taken by @stayawesomeproductions and @jump_junkie being shared all over Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. How do we really know if these accounts are not in agreement? Or have permission to use the images? Isn’t the internet free?

No, and if you need schooling on how to share skydiving photos, Hypoxic, has a well-written blog on the guidelines you need to follow to keep everyone happy.

“Very fast… and lowest price.”

There is a market for this, we understand. A great example is  @skydivingcorner . They (along with many others) have direct access to you through our skydiving community. Just like a door-to-door salesperson they are now spamming your inbox and feed with the latest skydiving designs printed on the cheapest T-shirt, so you can tell the world that ‘skydiving is in your DNA’.

Again, there is a market for this, I understand. These skydiving designs do speak to a certain customer. The T-shirt designers have made something they believe skydivers want, without actually being in the skydiving industry, but allowing us to think they are. A very cunning execution of marketing.


In our opinion fashion design isn’t just giving people an idea to wear, it’s about giving them identity that they live in.  


Original design

So why do we care so much? What we do is so much more than graphic design. If you send us your logo (or no logo at all),  tell us your favourite colour and ask us to make you the next Skydive Spaceland or Dubai, Chicago, or Australia. Wherever you are we will do – what we only do – our best.

All we ask of you is to understand that original design is inspired. It is a working collaboration between our design team and your dropzone, your branding and your values of skydiving. To design and create a skydiving jersey, custom pullup cord, head scuff or even a wind blade, our approach is to create a theme. One which the skydiving community will find irresistible, want to be apart of instantly and have confidence that you, your dropzone staff and your jumpers are the real deal.


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Robert Delaney is the creative director and co-owner of Manufactory Apparel. His career in fashion and graphic design has spanned more than 15 years, working for industry-leading apparel companies in sports, street and luxury fashion. No stranger to the sky, Rob has worked as a Camera flyer, LO and coach, and has represented Australia as a competitive skydiver in 2016