Frequently Asked Questions about working with the team at Manufactory Apparel
  • Q: How much does artwork cost?

    Creating custom artwork costs time.

    We have a reputation for the most striking custom graphic designs, which means we can do it much faster, but the process depends on your participation also, the artwork is for you.

    A table of fees are below and can be found here

    New Designs

    • Custom Brand design (for sublimation products) USD$249.00
    • Custom Lifestyle design (for screen print & embroidery products) USD$199.00


    Existing Designs

    • Create design from another supplier or graphic designer USD$99.00
    • Recoloring an existing Brand design (made by Manufactory) USD$99.00
    • Custom name, number or symbol (charged per name -not per use)  USD$10.00 
    • Repeat the same design by Manufactory – No charge
  • Q: What are your delivery turn-a-round times for your sublimated Jerseys?

    Delivery timelines for your sublimated Jerseys will begin after we have received payment deposit, and order confirmation.

    We allow weeks, which can fluctuate depending on seasonal demand. Your order can not start right away, it must be placed in a que, and actioned in turn.

    Rush orders can be booked ahead of time and placed in the production que in advance – which can be discussed during your order confirmation

    Please note:

    1. The confirmed delivery address can not be re-routed or redirected during transit (we have tried many times)
    2. We can not be responsible for any public holidays, delays involving customs agents or unforeseen natural disasters which may prevent us from achieving our stated delivery date during order confirmation.
  • Q: What is your MOQ?

    Minimum Order Quantities of MOQ’s (for short) are needed to maintain production efficiency and apply to every part or every style.

    We want to keep Minimum Order Quantities as low as possible to allow all of customers the ability to raise the bar on their quality standards.

    Please note:

    We do not set the MOQ, it is a compromise that is reached between all parties including the fabric supplier, sewing production lines, printing and finishing team.

  • Q: What is the minimum quantity for an order?

    Each product has a different set of MOQ’s, the below can be used as a guide only:

    Sublimation styles

    No minimums – less than <100pcs

    Screen printed and embroidery styles

    100pcs minimum

    Promotional products

    100pcs minimum

  • Q: Are shipping costs included?

    Freight costs are not included in your original quotation, as our team works to calculate these fees on your behalf following confirmation of your styles, delivery address and quantities.

    Shipping products in multiples is not the same as online shopping. Calculations need to be made for dimensions & insurance on a larger scale.

    When larger quantities require delivery, options such as SEA cargo, AIR freight and express courier need to be considered to ensure packages arrive safely, tracked and on time.

    Delivering parcels internationally is classified as Importing, and each country has its own set of Import rules, regulations and taxes.

    We work with a global logistics team and have safely delivered parcels to the following countries:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • China
    • Czech Republic
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hong Kong
    • Italy
    • Kenya
    • New Zealand
    • Phillipines
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • South Africa
    • The Netherlands
    • United Arab Emirates
    • United States of America
    • United Kingdom
  • Q: Where can I find information on pricing?

    Our price breaks are reflective of the MOQ’s needed for our production planning. Prices include the set-up and manufacture of each product, however the final artwork can vary the cost.

    Sublimation styles have fixed pricing. Where the design does not play any role in the final cost.

    Screen printing and embroidery styles, are subject to the final artwork approval. Adding extra colors and techniques can increase the costs per style.


  • Q: Can I negotiate on pricing?

    Pricing per unit, and price breaks per quantity are for convenience.

    If you are interested in a Brand package for multiple items containing apparel and accessories, or developing a new style, shape or pattern specific to your business – we can take your budget into consideration.

    We can not guarantee that our high standard of quality will meet your budget-expectations.

  • Q: Do you offer a discount on large quantities?

    If our price breaks do not cater for the quantities you would like to consider ordering, please contact us for a quotation.

  • Q: Are all of the garments the same size?

    All Manufactory styles are made to the same sizes specifications. A Medium is a Medium throughout our range of garments.

    However – the fitting of each style is based on the fashion and performance demands for each garment. Each style we create is specific to a sport (purpose) or trend (fashion).

    Here is the difference:


    “I am a size Medium T-shirt, therefore I must be a size Medium BASE Layer”


    “My T-shirt fits is perfect – casual and slim just like other fashion T-shirts. My BASE layer is really tight – but it’s made for compression and needs to be”



  • Q: What level of customization can i have?

    Every style can be customised from the very beginning, because we make to order – we do not pre-purchase styles that you print or embroider aftermarket.

    MOQ‘s apply to every part or every style, if you are looking to customise your product, please contact us and share your ideas

    Common examples of what we can offer:
    • Fabric color / weight
    • Thread color & stitch type
    • Drawcords, zippers & buttons
    • Main labels / Inside neck tags
    • Size & Care labels
    • Swingtags
    • Sleeve Pips and Flag labels


  • Q: How can I download a catalogue?

    Our Summer 2017 catalogue will soon release through Issuu.com where you can view or download a version for dreaming up your custom styles.

    Alternatively, if you contact us, we can send a .pdf version via email.

  • Q: Do you have more products available?

    Yes, we are eternally sourcing, developing and creating new styles to add to our collection.

    If you are looking for a product, chances are we have, are or can make it, please contact us.

    All of our products have been through rigorous design, development and testing inline with our very high standard of quality.

  • Q: What are your payment terms?

    Our payment terms for all new buyers are PIA – Payment in advance.

    100% before design or production can begin and we ask you to please provide proof of payment transfer.

    • Payments under USD1,200 we suggest be made by Credit Card,

    • Payments over USD1,200 we suggest be made via Bank transfer.

    All details can be found on our invoices upon receipt.

  • Q: How many logos can I add to my design?

    There is no restriction to the amount of logos you can add to your design, but remember your Brand should be the primary focus.

    For  athletes and event who have Sponsor logos you will need to obtain permission to use any logo that you do not own. We ask you to do this in a logo-release form which we can send you, please contact us.

    All logos must be in editable format and original colors.

  • Q: Can I add sponsor logos?

    Yes, however you must obtain permission to use any logo that you do not own. We ask you to do this in a logo-release form which we can send you, please contact us.

    All logos must be in editable format and original colors.

    Please note:

    • We can Re-create sponsor logo only with their permission
    • We can change/stylise a sponsor logo only with their permission
    • Changing colors on sponsor logos is possible only if artwork is in editable format.
    Frequently Asked Questions about custom designs and artwork at Manufactory Apparel
  • Q: How long does artwork take?

    We have split our custom artwork into 2 stages. It is a collaboration with you and our design team.

    Stage 1

    After successful completion of our custom form we will allow up to 10 business days to produce the first round of concepts.

    Stage 2

    Once your concept theme is approved in stage 1, we will produce 3D Mock-ups for your approval before production, we will allow 3 business days to produce these mock-ups.



    You know your Brand better than anyone else and we will rely on your feedback, please make sure it’s honest and direct – you will not hurt our feelings (but thanks for caring).


    When we submit each round to you, we will wait for your comments and do you the courtesy of following up with you if we have note heard back in 48 hours.

  • Q: I don't have an original logo, can you make it?

    Yes, we can create a vector graphic logo in editable format for your project at an additional artwork cost of USD$99.00.

    You will receive the artwork for reference with a set of guidelines to the scale, colors and uses along with the below formats for use

    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .pdf

    These file formats and guidelines can be used by any other supplier or printer in the future.

  • Q: How many colours can I have in my design?

    All of them.

    You can have as many colours as you require. There is no limit.

    We can not at this stage produce Neon or Metallic finishes – we can print them, but they will not have the exact vibrancy or finish.

  • Q: How do I send an artwork request?

    You can send to us direct, or contact us and we can set up a Dropbox between us.

    We recommend sending large files over >10MB including:

    • Artwork
    • Pictures
    • Logos

    by wetransfer.com to our email address

    Small files under <10MB can be sent directly to us on email.

    Please name your files clearly with your company/brand name to avoid loss.
  • Q: Do you make designs only?

    No, all of our custom Brand designs and custom Lifestyle designs are licensed to the Buyer and subject to use only with Manufactory Apparel production styles.

    Our artworks are set-up specific to production styles, ensuring that our reputation remains aligned with delivering the highest quality product, that we have become known for.

  • Q: Can i have a copy of the design for printing?
    Yes, we can provide the Buyer with a tile of the final approved theme in editable format, which can be used for marketing purposes to ensure your Branding is consistent.
    No, we can not provide you with the final production artwork. All custom artwork made by Manufactory Apparel, including custom Brand designs for sublimation and custom Lifestyle designs for apparel – remain the property of Manufactory Apparel. It cannot be made available in editable format to avoid any imitations.
    Final graphics and artwork is licensed only to the Buyer and will not be re-produced for any other customers of Manufactory or by Manufactory Apparel without the permission from the original Buyer or approved representative.
  • Q: What format does my logo need to be?

    Logo files must be editable to allow our design and production department to correctly output the final logo without distortion.

    Editable files:
    • .ai
    • .eps
    • .pdf
    NON-Editable files:
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .gif

    Please note:

    The following files are welcome, but may not always be set up correctly, we can check for you before production and will contact you if there are any errors.

    • .psd
    • .tiff
    • .pdf


  • Q: What is a Vector artwork?

    vector graphic logo will allow us to scale your artwork and logos in proportion without any distortion or pixelation. Keeping your logo, colors, pictures and shapes 100% clear.

    If you do not have this Vector logo set up, we can create a vector graphic logo in editable format for your project at an additional artwork cost of USD$99.00.

  • Q: Can you redraw a photo and make it bigger?

    No, we can not make a photo larger without risking it becoming blurry. Photos are made up differently to vector logos, they have a set number of pixels based on the device you used to take the picture. When you change the size of the picture, the pixels can only be duplicated, which is how your image becomes blurry.

    Yes, we can redraw as picture as part of an Illustration to be used in your custom Brand design. This is common in our artworks, and a great way to personalise your product with your Brand.

  • Q: I'm a graphic designer can I supply print ready artwork?

    Yes, we can accept your original artwork files in editable format. We even have a template we can share with you, please contact us.

    No, your artwork will not be classified as print ready as we must transfer it to production patterns. We know our machinery, inks and patterns, leave the hard stuff to us!

    Please note:

    1. We will provide you with an artwork approval for confirmation before production.
    2. We will not change any colors in your artwork if you have provided it to us.
  • Q: What graphics software do you use?

    Our team work with Adobe software to create custom graphics and artwork files

    We output into .pdf for your approval and viewing.

    We can also provide images for your internal marketing use, based on Manufactory Apparel styles in the following formats, just please contact us:

    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .pdf
  • Q: Can I provide colour details in CMYK?

    Yes, this is our preferred method, as we print in a CMYK process, during dye sublimation.

    We color match to fabric – which is different to printed media from magazines etc. therefore we cannot guarantee an identical colour match to your reference, as we use our internal printed color charts and swatches.

  • Q: Can I provide PMS or Pantone colours for my design?

    Yes, we can accept Pantone and PMS color references.

    • For sublimation, we print in a CMYK process, and your Pantone number will be as close as possible when converted.
    • For screenprinting / dyeing and embroidery, we use Pantone references, though they are approved by sight on your behalf by our design and production team, we will make the approval for you.

    Please note:

    If you would like to approve yourself (which is common in large companies) please contact us and be aware that this will increase lead and delivery timelines.

  • Q: Can you copy a design from another sample?

    No, we can not copy a style or photo you have found, but we can use a picture or photos as inspiration for your design.

    If you already have a design which you own, but do bot have original vector files, please contact us to discuss.

  • Q: Can I add individual names and/or numbers to my garment?

    Yes, if you indicate that you would like custom names added to a style, please send us a spreadsheet or an email, with the list of names / numbers.

    Please ensure you use the correct CAPS, letters and symbols – we will use exactly what you send us – we will confirm with you on the artwork approval and invoice.

    Frequently Asked Questions about manufacturing goods with Manufactory Apparel
  • Q: Where do the products come from?

    Our HQ are based in Ocean Grove, Australia and we manufacture offshore throughout Asia.

    We choose to manufacture offshore because of two main reasons:

    1.  We can deliver faster creating a streamlined service for B2B customers.
    2. Our product finishes, are of a higher standard and more professional, using industry experts.


  • Q: Are your products and clothes good quality?

    Yes, we would not supply them if we didn’t wear and use them ourselves. Our purpose is to supply you with a higher standard quality of products for your retail offering.

    We do not believe in a ‘Free T-shirt’ giveaway.

    We hold all of our products to a higher standard, you could even call them luxurious given the state of fast-fashion these days.

  • Q: What are your products made from?

    We state that we use are a higher standard, and we make this possible by ensuring all the pieces that create a finished product are sourced from the very best possible.

    More information:

  • Q: What is an MOQ?

    MOQ‘s (Minimum Order Quantity) apply to every part or every style, if you are looking to customise your product, please contact us and share your ideas

    Our price breaks are reflective of the MOQ’s needed for our production planning. Prices include the set-up and manufacture of each product, however the final artwork can vary the cost.

  • Q: What are your lead times sampling?

    We want to create a fast experience, so we do not provide samples unless you contact us.

    You will need to be aware that this will increase delivery timeline for your product – please allow 2 weeks for a sample before production.

  • Q: Can you copy an existing design from a sample?

    Yes, we can create a new pattern based on your samples provided. Our team will work with professional pattern makers to create an original pattern and commerical sizing grid.

    Extra charges will apply and developments costs – but if you are looking to create a new styles, we are sure your aware of this already so please contact us to discuss.

  • Q: Will the colour be exactly the same on all fabrics?

    No, this is because every fabric is finished differently and many of our styles are a combination of multiple fabrics for performance and function.

    Our aim is to maintain consistency and will do our very best to enure that we match all colors as perfectly as we can.

  • Q: Are your fabrics UV resistant?

    Yes, our fabrics have the ability to block out UV rays, and provide a limited protection.

    They should not be used solely for sun protection.

  • Q: Do all garments follow the same sizing standard?

    Yes, our standards have been developed internally based on our Global audience. There is no universal sizing standard around the world, because each culture is different, and every fashion trend will ultimately push the boundaries.

    Our garments are fitted per each sports requirements, and our casual line is based on an Australia / European fit of casual but slim silhouettes.

    We work with customers all over the world and have experience in helping buyers select the right size range for their customers – please contact us to discuss.

  • Q: How long does production take?

    Our product range varies in delivery times due to the production demands for each style. We typically follow the below as general guidelines:

    25-35 days

    • Sublimated apparel
    • Promotional products

    35-45 days

    • Screen printed apparel
    • Headwear accessories

    45-55 days

    • Luggage accessories

    Please note:

    The above timeline does not begin until:

    • artwork is fully approved
    • sizes are confirmed
    • order deposit is received
  • Q: Can I modify an existing pattern?

    No, all of our styles have been developed, tested and engineered specific to each sport. You are welcome to send us feedback, or start a brand new development with our team.

  • Q: What is the difference between Polyester and Cotton?

    When choosing between Polyester and Cotton, it comes down to your purpose for wearing.

    A short summary of each fiber is found below:


    • Breathable
    • Soft, but strong
    • Great for Sensitive Skin
    • Easy to Dye
    • Biodegradable


    • Long Lasting
    • Less Fading
    • Dries Quickly
    • Less Wrinkling
    • Not naturally breathable
  • Q: Do you use Bamboo?

    Yes, we can offer Bamboo; it is a natural fiber and trending – Twice as soft as cotton and offers a natural anti bacterial function.

    • Wicks water away from the skin
    • Naturally antimicrobial
    • Holds much more water
    • Fibers are less durable
  • Q: Will the color wash away or fade?

    No, the colors created through dye sublimation will not fade, because they are on Polyester which is not a natural fabric and therefore is less resistant to breaking down by natural elements.

    The color is created by more than 1 factor:

    More information:

  • Q: How do you wash the Jerseys?

    We recommend the following:

  • Q: How do you wash Tandem passenger pant and Jumpsuits?

    We recommend the following:

     Frequently Asked Questions about delivery of goods from Manufactory Apparel
  • Q: How are orders shipped?

    All goods are insured and sent via international express couriers, via reputable air and sea freight logistics chains including, TNT, FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

    Our supply chain is outsourced to a 3rd party freight forwarder, and like us at Manufactory Apparel – their strengths, are in their experienced team members.

    We work hand-to-telephone with them to ensure we select the fastest, most-economical way to get your merchandise from B2B.


  • Q: How long does shipping take?

    Before your order is confirmed, we will suggest the most economical way to delivery your products to your desired location. We take into account your address, your desired delivery date and budget.

    We typically follow the below as general guidelines:

    5 days

    • Express courier, including TNT, FedEx, DHL, and UPS.


    10 days

    • AIR  freight, our most popular way, very fast reliable – it’s similar to express courier, but for larger orders.


    30 days

    • SEA cargo, for larger items and quantities – minimum 1 cubic metre.

    Please note:

    The above freight methods all require orders to pass through customs agents upon arrival into their own countries. At which time Import duties will be declared.

  • Q: Can I choose my own shipper?

    Yes, we work with a global logistics partner who routinely move large amounts of freight and can access low-rates to make shipping fast and economical around the world.

    Our team are experts in knowing the details on every country at any given time to ensure safe passage of your parcels.

    Many businesses have their own courier accounts and shipping partners which provide discount, and we understand if you would like your partners quote your delivery, we are here to provide you with an easy packaged service.


  • Q: Why is there is no shipping on the order form?

    Shipping and delivery are calculated upon confirmation of your Order form.

    We need to know the total size of your order to calculate the dimensions and weight for your shipment.

    We will submit the freight costing on your final invoice for approval.

  • Q: What is a commerical Invoice?

    Any international shipment, regardless of parcel size or quantity will require a secondary type of invoice know as a Commercial Invoice – at time of export.

    It reflects that a transaction has taken place commercially, and will be exported to the receiver permanently.

    It is used to verify a shipment, stating the shipper, recipient, and information about the goods including what the goods are made from, and where the goods originated.

    Please see here for more details

  • Q: Do i need to pay Import duties and taxes?

    Yes, Duty & taxes are seperate payments, invoiced as one – made to the courier, who has made these payments on your behalf to the customs department in your country of import – they are not payable to Manufactory Apparel.

    Customs duty, is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders

    Taxes, can apply to your countries tax scheme for example GST or VAT.

    You are eligible to lodge a GST TAX refund application if you:

    • are the owner of the goods
    • have lodged the original version of the full import declaration (FID), self-assessed clearance declaration (SAC) or periodic return (return)
    • paid the customs duty and assessed indirect tax at the time of entry into home consumption.
  • Q: Why aren't import taxes and duties included in the price?

    As the owner of the goods, you have more rights when receiving any delivery. In some countries you will be eligible for refund, or claim against your business on the Import costs.

    These costs can be estimated, but not guaranteed until time of Import.

  • Q: What are shipping incoterms?

    Incoterms – an abbreviation for International Commercial terms, they are a series of sales terms.

    They are published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and are widely used in commercial transactions for import and export.

  • Q: What are your delivery terms?

    Our delivery terms, follow the incoterm DAP for all countries.

    (DAP-Delivery At Place)

    • When your goods arrive at the country of destination, it is up to the customer to then pay any Duty / Tariffs / VAT / GST, (as the Importer).

    • After payment of the D&T the items will be cleared and delivered to the location set by the customer.