It doesn’t take much effort to see why branding your business from top to bottom is more important than it used to be. Branding is a form of psychology and science that was brought together to form this everlasting vision of your business.

These days in order to sustain your Brand, you must first invest in your team before investing in your product, and your customers. Sounds simple…. but often times a business is so blindly focused on their customers, that they forget their best form of marketing is standing right in front of them day in and day out.

So why should you invest in your Instructors before your customers?

Essentially Instructors are the Poster Child of your brand. How so? When you market your Dropzone, your instructors are automatically placed at the forefront of your business. They are who your customers see first, who they form relationships with, and essentially who they rely on. It is important that your instructors know their roles within your business, and are able to translate, and market your vision through their appearance and customer service.

As we all know not everyone can be an instructor or coach. In fact it takes a specific type of person to have the desire, discipline and integrity to teach others. They must uphold this image of responsibility for your brand, so it is imperative that you set them up to succeed. It is a proven fact that those who feel valued, outperform those who do not feel valued. A great way to boost an individual’s morale and your team’s morale is by acknowledging their worth in the gear you supply them. Afterall you wouldn’t want them walking into work wearing a sandwich board as advertisement would you?