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We accelerate flying forward with Australian designed apparel for skydiving, flying and jumping the planet over.

Is competition still relevant?

Competing against others can feel daunting, especially if you’re just starting out in your new sport or discipline.

Pro tips from Red Bull Europe

When it comes to skydiving goals, making the Red Bull team is definitely up there.

Flocking, what is it?

Whether you’re a flocking newbie or a more seasoned pro, there’s always more to explore


Manufactory is a high-end action sports apparel brand, established in 2014. We are the premier manufacturer of custom-designed merchandise in the extreme sports industry. A company built by skydivers, we are the creators of skydive-specific Jerseys used worldwide. Our designs are featured in collaboration with the industry’s most prominent brands, inspiring the next edge across the sky. We are continually evolving and spreading our wings further into other action sports we love and participate in.

As avid skydivers and extreme athletes, we sought to create an apparel brand with a heightened level of quality that delivered serious attention to detail. Manufactory Apparel is the culmination of a shared vision between professional husband and wife skydiving team, Rob and Shelly Delaney. We have a long-term goal where profit is not the end game, but building genuine alignments with companies, teams and individuals who are equally invested in the success of the sport.

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